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IHIC Youth Program

  • IHIC Youth Program

    Spiritual and Fun for youth of all ages!

After careful and deliberate planning and preparations, the Imam Husain Islamic Centre (IHIC) is excited to launch the new revamped Youth Program. This program promises to offer quality services for the youth of our community based on new and innovative approaches.

Age groups

 The program will offer activities and services for two separate age groups:
– 10-14 ​years​
– 15-25 ​+​​ years​


Initially, the program’s activities have been prepared for boys, but the plan is to expand services to girls in the near future, pending feedback from the boy’s program.
​Please keep a lookout for the start of the girls program soon!​

What’s this program offering?

Some of the activities and services the program aims to offer include:
  • Islamic education (e.g weekly short talks/discussions, holiday crash courses, practical lessons by learning from example, special talks by world-renowned scholars e.t.c.)
  • Media Academy (e.g teaching youth practical media skills in social media, photography, video production, website publishing, comic design, and much more!)
  • Sports (regular sports sessions that could include soccer, cricket, swimming, ping pong, judo, bush walking, hiking, and much more!)
  • Elocution/Performance arts (e.g Quran recitation, Anasheed recitation, Latmiyyat recitation, acting/theatre, debating, public speaking, and much more!)
  • Everyday life skills [e.g cooking, time management, car maintenance (e.g how to change car tyre), study skills, financial management, career planning (e.g choosing a university degree or college course), and much more!]
  • Excursions/trips [camps/retreats, social outings, BBQs, soul-searching trips (e.g early morning walks or trips to local cemetery), and potentially even spiritual group visits overseas to the holy cities/shrines/ humanitarian missions for older youth who are interested!]
  • Community service/activism (engaging youth in giving back to our community, whether through work at IHIC or other local centres/mosques, or becoming involved in Islamic projects in the community or online.

 More Information:

  • the best way to find out more is to come to IHIC
  • You can also​ bookmark this page ihic.org.au/youth
  • Or, feel free to contact the youth program coordinator Br Hussein, on 0466989451 (WhatsApp, Call, SMS)


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