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  • Fajr5:31
  • Sunrise6:58
  • Thohr12:01
  • Sunset17:05
  • Maghreb17:24

Tafsir Of Dua Kumayl

Tafsir Of Dua Kumayl

Every Thursday Evening



Kumayl was one of the distinguished companions of Imam Ali (a.s) who has narrated this heavenly supplication and hence the supplication is known as ‘Du’a Kumayl’. He narrated that Imam Ali (a.s) dictated the supplication to him and he wrote it down. Kumayl further narrated: “The Imam recommended me to memorise it and recite it every Thursday evening or once a month or at least once a year.”

According to the late Allamah al-Majlesi this supplication is very effective to repel the mischief of the enemies and to increase the sustenance.

Every Thursday evening we assemble together after Maghrebain prayers to recite this heavenly supplication.

In order to spiritually be prepared for the Du’a before we recite the Du’a his eminence Sh. Mansour Leghaei will deliver a short talk on the interpretation of Du’a Kumayl. We then enjoy the Du’a which is usually recited by our professional reciters; brother Saeed Goli, and brother Farshad Alaei.

Tafseer of Dua Kumayl will recommence after the holy month of Ramadhan.

Dua Kumayl will commence after Esha prayers at 7:50pm with Br Saeed Goli