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  • sydney salat times
  • Fajr5:31
  • Sunrise6:58
  • Thohr12:01
  • Sunset17:05
  • Maghreb17:24

Salawat on Fatima al-Zahra (s.a)


Invocation of blessings upon Fatima al-Zahra (peace be upon her)
narrated from Imam al-Askari (peace be on him):
“O Allah! Send (Your) blessings on the Truthful lady; Fatimah, the Purified one, the Beloved of Your Beloved and Your Prophet, and the Mother of Your Beloved and the Chosen; a lady whom You chose and preferred and selected over the worlds women. O Allah!
Behold him who oppressed her and belittled her right. O Allah! And avenge the blood of her children. O Allah! As you have chosen her to be the mother of the Imams of guidance, the wife of the Flag Bearer i.e. Imam Ali), the most honoured lady in the exalted assembly (in heaven), so send blessings on her and on her mother a blessing by which her father, Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings be on him and his pure progeny) is honoured, and by which the eyes of her progeny are delighted. Convey to them on my behalf at this time the best greetings and Salam.”