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Significance of the Month of Rajab

In the Name of the Almighty Allah

Significance of the Month of Rajab

“Rajab is the name of a river in Paradise whiter than milk and sweeter than honey.

Those who fast one day of (the month of) Rajab, Allah will satisfy them from that river.”

Imam Musa al Kadhem (as)

On Monday evening 19 March 2018 we will Inshallah enter the sacred month of Rajab of the Islamic calendar, which along with the two following months (Sha’ban and the Holy Month of Ramadhan) signify the most important months of the year.

The merits of these months are numerous and the recommended rites in them are in abundance. Rajab is the month of multiplied savings for our abode in the Hereafter.

It is narrated from the holy Prophet Muhammad (saww) to have said:

“Behold! Those who fast one day of Rajab they deserve the Great Pleasure of Allah and will be destined from His Wrath, and will close one of the Gates of Hell.”

It is also narrated from the holy Prophet (P): “Rajab is the month of repentance for my Community, so repent to Allah much.”

This month is also blessed by the birthday anniversary of Imam Baqir (as) on the 1st day (according to some narrations), Imam al-Jawad (as) on the 10th and the birthday of Imam Ali (as) on the 13th of this month and the Mab’ath of the holy Prophet of Islam (saww) on the 27th of this month according to the famous opinion. We also have two sad occasions to commemorate; the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Naqi (as) on the 3rd, and the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Kadhem (as) on the 25th of Rajab.

Remember, however, this is a sacred month which means in as much as the rewards for good deeds in it are in abundance; the punishment of sinning is also more severe.

The following are just some of the main worshipping acts that are recommended in this sacred month.

  1. Fasting:

Salem says: I met Imam Sadiq (a.s) in the last few days of the month of Rajab. When he saw me he asked: O Salem! Have you fasted at all in this month? I replied: No, by Allah, O son of the Prophet! The Imam said: “Verily, you have missed so much reward that only the All-Knowing Allah knows its amount… I said: O son of the Prophet! If I fast the remaining days of this month would I gain any reward? The Imam replied: O Salem! Those who fast the last day of Rajab that (fasting) will be a security for them from the agony of death….”


  • Fasting of the first day of Rajab destines the faster one year away from the Hell.
  • Fasting of three continuous days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) of Rajab has the reward of 900 years of worshipping (out of Rajab).
  • Fasting of the 13th, 14thand 15th of Rajab has rewards in abundance! (Pray to God to bless you for it)
  • Fasting of the last three days of Rajab (or at least the last day of it) will avail (Inshallah) from the agony of death, the fear of death and the punishment of the grave.

Note: If you have any Qada (lapsed or owing) fasting, make an intention for Qada and you will also enjoy the promised rewards of fasting in Rajab.

  1. Salaat

Salaat is the means of nearness to God for every pious believer.

  • Every night of the month after the Isha Prayer, offer two Rak’at Prayers. In every Rak’at, recite Surah al-Hamd and Surah al-Kafiroon once and 3 times: Surah Ikhlaas
  • On the first Thursday evening of Rajab (Thursday 21 March 2018 this year) there is a special Salaat called ‘Salaat Laylatul-Ragha’eb’. Refer to the books of Du’a for its performance. For this discussion about the validity of Salaat Laylatul-Ragha’eb click here.

Note: Those who have Qada prayers, still they can offer the above Salaat although it does suffice for their obligatory Qada Salaat.

  1. Supplications

There are numerous recommended supplications for the month of Rajab. Some of them are as follows:

Astaghferullah Wa As’aluho Tauba (I seek Allah’s forgiveness and ask Him for repentance)

After every Daily Prayer recite:

“Ya Man Arjooho Lekolle Khayr, Wa Aamano Sakhatahou Enda Kolle Sharr. Ya Man Yo’tel-Katheera Bel-Qaleel. Ya Man Yo’tee Man Sa’alah. Ya Man Yo’tee Man Lam Yas’alhu Wa Man Lam Ya’refhu Tahannunan Menhu Wa Rahma. A’teni Be Mas’alati Eyyak Jami’a Khayre-Donya Wa Jami’a Khayrel-Akhera. Wasref Anni Be Mas’alati Eyyak Jami’a Sharre-Donya Wa Sharrel-Akhera. Fa’ennahu Ghayro Manqosen Ma A’tayt Wa Zedni Men Fadhleka Ya Kareem.”  Then say: “Ya Zaljalale Wal-Ekram. Ya Zal-Na’ma’e Wal-Jood. Ya Zal-Manne WaTaul, Harrem Shaybati Ala-Nar.”

  • Also on the 15thof Rajab, there is a special Du’a called Du’a Omme Dawood. Refer to the books of Du’a for the details of this Du’a.
  1. Visitation (Ziyarat)

The first and foremost important Ziyarat in this month is Ziyarat of Imam Husain (a.s).

Visiting Imam Redha (a.s) also is very rewarding in this month.

Pilgrimage for Umra is also very rewarding in this month.

For the quick reappearance of Imam al Hojjah (af) please recite Salawat