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Forming a family and raising children through marriage is a socio-cultural contract and in Islam, is considered a divine covenant. The Holy Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.w) is quoted to have said:

“There is no foundation more beloved by Allah than a family.” & “Of the duties of the parents is to facilitate the marriage of their children.”

Thus, delaying marriage, without a valid reason, is discouraged in Islam. However it is a must that a young male or female who is intending to marry deeply consider, study and attain sound advice during spouse selection. It is also a duty of parents to share their experiences with their children.

The Imam Husain Islamic Centre strongly opposes marrying individuals with habits such as drinking alcohol, drug usage and violent temperaments.

The professional counsellors at IHIC are at the service of the community for pre-nuptial counselling.

The following is a summarised list of conditions which must be met for a successful marriage application in Islam.

Conditions of Islamic marriage:

Mental and physical maturity: Any young man or woman who is sane and has reached the age of consent (legally 18 and above) is entitled to seek marriage.
Religious affiliation: Both parties must be Muslim.
Marriage Contract:

In order to avoid any inconvenience in the future, we strongly recommend the intended parties for marriage agree on a written marriage contract containing all conditions they may wish to include within their marriage. To assist you, a basic Conditions of Marriage Contract is available.
Sedaaq (Mahr):

As a gesture of sincerity and in accordance with Islamic tradition, the groom must pledge to give his bride a gift which has fiscal value and with which the bride is pleased. The sedaaq will be due any time after the conjugation of the marriage, upon her request.
Father’s consent:

Young virgin girls planning to marry need to have their parental consent, unless their disagreement has no logical or Islamic basis. It is however wise to respect the feelings of parents who have dedicated their lives for the sake of their children.
Father’s consent:

Application session:
The application for Islamic Marriage requires parties to fill out Form 13 for legal procedures and also the Islamic Marriage Application must be lodged. [Form 13 requires lodgement a minimum of 31 days prior to marriage date]

One compulsory prenuptial counselling session
Marriage contract
Marriage certificate
Islamic divorce certificate and the expiry of 3 menstruating periods for females intending to remarry, is compulsory.

Fees apply for most marriage services. Please contact us on info@ihic.org.au for further information and/or to obtain an appointment.