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Practical Irfan at Dawn

  • 11February

    Practical Irfan at Dawn

    6 Lang Road, Earlwood , NSW

Irfan is an intuitive insight about the Reality. Practical Irfan is an Islamic discipline to gain this intuition. It is a systematic method of servitude to God and a practical journey to His proximity.
Urafa (those immersed greatly in this discipline) believe that there are certain obstacles in our life in this world that prevent one from fully realising and achieving their ultimate goals.
By studying Irfan, one gains the vision to see these obstacles and the means to avoid them at the same time taking maximum advantage of what has been provided by Allah (swt) in this path. For example, even a seemingly trivial benevolent act such as pleasing an animal by feeding it for the sake of the Almighty Allah would help untie problems and ease our journey.

Coach: Dr. Seyyed Jawad Mazloumi

When: Sundays 4th, 11th and 18th Feb.

Where: Imam Husain Islamic Centre

Time: 5:00 AM starting with Morning Prayer

Program includes: Salat, a short talk and walk, and a yummy breakfast!
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