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The Imam Husain Islamic Centre holds charity/zakat in quite a high regard based upon 3 main reasons. Firstly, charity is one of the main pillars of Islam and has been made incumbent upon as by Allah in various passages/Surahs in the Holy Quran.

Secondly, as humanitarians we understand the suffering that grips our Brothers and Sisters of all creeds around the world and hope that we can in any way, contribute to the protection and well-being of mankind.

Thirdly, the Imam Husain Islamic Centre was built based on the charity of the community in Australia and our upkeep is still maintained by our kind brothers and sisters who contribute to the centre through regular pledges and donations. We would like to thank all the Brothers and Sisters who help us with both physically maintaining the Centre and also with funding our efforts.

For general donations and pledges to the Imam Husain Islamic Centre:

Bank: National Bank of Australia
Account name: Imam Husain Ltd
BSB: 082-135
Account no: 69-544-2357

For orphans and poor:

Bank: National Australia Bank
Account Name: IHIC Orphans and Charity
BSB:   082-057
Account:  838149618

For Khums please contact us at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre: also please notify us of which Marja` you follow so that your funds may be allocated accordingly.

Please email us with details of any donation you deposit into any of these accounts so that we may be aware of it.

May Allah reward all who have and will contribute to the endeavors of any Islamic cause.