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November, 24 2017 - 11:16 AM 05 Rabi'ul Awwal 1439


In the Name of God; the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

[No part of this article may be used or reproduced in anyway. This article represents the originator`s personal views and opinions, which do not necessarily reflect those of IHIC.]

I was born a Christian, and like all Christian families we celebrated Christmas by giving each other presents and would eat chocolates on Easter. As a kid I couldn`t wait for Christmas and Easter to come not because of presents and chocolates but because of television. For me the best time of the year to watch television was during Easter and Christmas, this was when they played all the religious movies about the birth and death of Christ and movies about other prophets such as the prophets Abraham and Moses. Watching these films would increase my belief in God, even though I was just a kid.

When I was a child I use to pray to God a lot, most of my prayers were for things I suppose as children we consider the most important like a Nintendo or a computer. Of course some prayers were for protection from whatever I was scared of during that time.  

As time went by and I became older, my faith in God was starting to decrease. And when I went to high school things got a lot worse. I made new friends who, they weren`t bad people, some of them were quite smart, just a little misguided though. It was during these times that I started to use marijuana and drink a lot alcohol. I would even turn up to school sometimes high or drunk but they were just a few occasions.

During high school, on Thursdays, two people came and would teach scripture to the students who didn`t want to go to class. I think it was around this time that I started to disbelieve in God. I remember one session we were talking about the trinity and I realized it made no sense. The father is the son; the son is the father, oh! And don`t forget the Holy Spirit. And these three are meant to be one and the same, but when one reads the bible it is impossible to understand how they are one. And then most devout Christians say that it can`t be understood and that u should believe. If that is the case then what did God create intelligence for?  

After this I tried to forget about God and religion and to get on with my life, but whenever I needed help the only one I could turn to was Him and He always helped me. No matter what I tried to do to forget about God I was drawn more towards Him. My only problem was I didn`t know who or what He was and apart from prayer I didn`t know how to properly worship Him. For a few years I believed in God and just following what I considered to be right and wrong. I thought about other religions but they either were just as illogical or more illogical then Christianity. For instance, the practice of Jews is outdated, Hindus have like a million gods and Buddhists don`t even believe in god. There was always Islam but I thought they were like Hindus and followed idol worship. And there was also the problem that Muslims are considered dirty and dumb and do nothing but kill and go to jihad. During this time I had a friend who was Muslim then became Christian then became Muslim again. We grew up together since childhood. When he became Muslim again he would talk to other students about Islam. As he talked to other students I would listen and I found what he said to be interesting but it wasn`t enough to change my perspective on Muslims but it changed my view on Islam and made me think more about it.  

I continued my life the same drinking and smoking on one side and religion on the other side. I was both a saint and a sinner. As a teenager, these years were very stressful for me because I didn`t know what the truth was; all I knew was that there is a god.  

One day I was watching T.V and I saw that they were going to air a documentary on Islam. I thought it would be like any other documentary, teach me a little bit more about the world and what is out there, but what I got was a programme that would change my life and open my eyes to the truth. When I tuned into the documentary (by the way it was called Islam Empire of Life) the first two sentences blew me away.  

They were so simple yet so powerful. They were the shahadatain or, as they say in English the ‘Testimony of Faith`. These two sentences are the base of the Muslim faith. The first sentence is there is no god but Allah (Allah just means God in English) the second sentence was that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Hearing these two sentences for the first time was an awakening for me. The whole program was an awakening to me and helped me understand Islam so much better. Especially the belief in the oneness of God and that no one or nothing can be compared to Him. Unlike other religions where God either has partners and or is compared to other humans or even animals.  

On the program they also referred to the Quran, the holy book of the Muslims, and how throughout it one will find many references about the oneness of God and the inability to compare anything to Him.

The next day I went to that friend who became Muslim twice and asked if he had a copy of the Quran in English. He did and gave it to me the next day. I had only read half of it and just couldn`t get over its powerful words about God and the day of resurrection and other things. It wasn`t boring like the bible which is only useful if u want to go to sleep. No it made you scared but at the same time gave u hope that with the help of Allah every thing would be alright.  

A month after seeing the documentary I became Muslim, everything seemed right to me and made sense to me. I now knew who God was and I now knew how to worship Him and it was just a matter of starting which happened straight away, by getting rid of my bottle and can collection and any bongs or pipes that I had. I was a new person and so happy to finally be on the straight path. And I tell you what that the result of all of this is because of my parents. They are such kind people and I believe that I am the reward of their efforts. I pray to God that He guides them and my sister and any one who is searching the truth.

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
[No part of this article may be used or reproduced in anyway. This article represents the originator`s personal views and opinions, which do not necessarily reflect those of IHIC.]