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January, 17 2018 - 1:46 PM 28 Rabi'u Thani 1439

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English Version

In the Name of God; the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Al-Sheikh Al-Sadooq through his chain of narrators, narrated from Imam Ali (a.s) that the Messenger of God (s.a.w) said:

“1. The best of the worshippers are those who offer the obligatory.
2.   The best of the generous people are those who have paid the zakat of their wealth.
3.   The best of the detached people from dunya are those who are detached from Haraam.
4.   The best of the pious people are those who tell the truth be it for or against themselves.
5.   The best of the just people are those who like for people what they like for themselves & dislike for people what they dislike for themselves.
6.   The best of the intelligent people are those who remember death more often.
7.   The best of the envied are those who are buried & feel secure from chastisement, hoping for reward.
8.   The worst of the absentminded people are those who do not learn from the changes of dunya.
9.   The worst of those who are in danger in dunya are those who do not consider any danger upon themselves in this dunya.
10.   The best of the learned people are those who add the knowledge of all people to their own.
11.   The best of the courageous people are those who fight their desires.
12.   The best of the precious people are the most knowledgeable.
13.    The least valued of people are those with the least knowledge.
14.   The people with the least peace of mind are the jealous.
15.   People with the least comfort are of the stingy people and the stingiest are those who avoid what God has made compulsory upon them.
16.   The best people that truth is expected of, are the most knowledgeable about the truth.
17.   The least respected people are the sinners.
18.   The least loyal people are the kings (politicians).
19.   The people with the least friends are kings.
20.   The poorest people are the greediest ones.
21.   The richest of all people are those who are not captured by greed.
22.   The best of the faithful are people with the best of character.
23.   The best of the honored people are the most pious people.
24.   The best of the great people are those who avoid what does not concern them.
25.   The best of the pious people are those who leave the dispute even if they are right.
26.   The people with the least chivalry are those who lie.
27.   The most distressed of people are the kings.
28.   The most hated of all people are the arrogant.
29.   The biggest strugglers of people who strive are those who avoid sin.
30.   The best of the forbearing people are those who flee from the ignorant people.
31.   The best of the prosperous people are those who associate with honorable people.
32.   The best of the intelligent people are the most tolerant of the bitterness of others.
33.   The most entitled people to be suspected are those who associate most with the suspects.
34.   The most tyrannical of people are those who kill other than the murderer and punish other than the perpetrator.
35.   The best people expected to forgive are those with the most authority to punish.
36.   The most entitled people to sin are the foolish slanderers.
37.   The lowest of people are those who insult people.
38.   The best of the cautious people are those who swallow their anger most.
39.   The most righteous people are the best reconcilers between people.
40.   The best of people are the most useful to people.
[Biharul-Anwaar, vol. 77, p.113]