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November, 24 2017 - 11:13 AM 05 Rabi'ul Awwal 1439

Universalism of Islam

Although various scientific discoveries and inventions may occur in a particular country, they do not belong nor limit to the geographical border of that country. Thus, the mathematical, chemical and biological laws are international no matter who has invented or discovered them.

God has sent His Messengers for humanity at large, not merely Arabs or the lost sheep of Israel ! Thus, divine religions are international. The teachings of Islam is not like the constitution of Australia which aims at only serving the citizens of a particular country; i.e. Australia . You can not be simultaneously an Australian citizen and a Japanese citizen. But you can well be an Australian citizen and a loyal Muslim.

Although Islam appeared amidst the Arabian Peninsula nowhere in the Quran, Allah states: “O You Arabs!” The addressees of the Quran are either Mankind in general or the believers and the disbelievers irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds. As a matter of fact, the holy Quran states that should Arabs turn away from Islam, Allah will replace them with those who practice Islam better than them. (Chapter 47: Ayah 38)

Most of the Umayyad rulers discriminated between Iranians; who were the new converts (or reverts), and Arabs giving the privilege to Arabs. As a result, many Iranian uprisings occurred against the federal government of the Umayyad. The uprising of Abu-Muslim Khorasani is an example of those uprising against the Arab Muslims. Bloody wars took place between the Iranian new Muslims and the Arabic army of Umayyad. Iranians defeated the Arabs in the same regions whereat their Zoroastrian ancestors were defeated about a century ago. Nevertheless, they never retreated to the religion of their ancestors. From the 9th century A.D. (3rd A.H.) Iranian dynasties beginning with ‘Taherian' emerged in Iran marking the independence of Iranians from the Arab rulers. They disconnected themselves from the Arabic rulers, but not from Islam.

A similar situation occurred in Egypt when Ibn Tulun who had a Turkish background rose in the 9th A.D. Century (3rd A.H.) against the racist Umayyad government and formed an independent government in Egypt.